Costs and prizes

The entry fee for the  Scramble Local Event is $50.00 per participant (including GST). This is a National Entry Fee. Should the club you are participating at decide to charge an additional fee as a green fee or catering charge, that fee would be additional to the Scramble Local Event Entry fee.

Regional Final Entry Fee – $500.00 per team including GST

Championship Final Entry Fee – $400.00 per participant including GST

All participants in the Scramble will receive:

  • Callaway Tee Gift
  • Partner exclusive offers
  • A fun filled event to enjoy with family and friends
  • Additional prizes, gifts or refreshments provided by a support sponsor (where applicable)

Every participant at a Scramble local event will be competing for:

  • Callaway Prizes valued at over $1,400
  • The opportunity to win through to a Regional Final and play with a PGA Club Professional
  • The opportunity to qualify for the Scramble Championship Final