The Volkswagen Scramble Championship Final is a four-day weekend filled with many special moments. Having played through various events at the Local and Regional Final level, it truly is a great achievement just to make it to the Championship Final. 

Offering up many memorable moments, it’s a rare moment to see a Hole-in-One played out during the tournament. However, staring down the 153m par-3 7th at Twin Waters Golf Club, Brent Barlow, Head Professional at Gailes Golf Club, was certainly up for the challenge. 

“You can’t quite see the hole from back on the tee,” explained Barlow, who took a 7-iron approach to attack the green. 

“We went down and saw two balls on the green, three of us his good shots in so we thought maybe one had gone over the back.”

“We drove around the back of the green and none were there, that’s when everyone started going ‘It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!’ We get up there and sure enough there it is.” 

A seasoned veteran boasting 36 years in the golfing industry, Barlow had never joined the allusive ace-club until just two months prior. Now, after the 2019/20 Championship Final, Barlow walks away with two to his name in as many months. 

This was Barlow’s fourth appearance at the Championship Final at Twin Waters, however I dare say this will stand out amongst the rest as his most memorable. You can view the complete interview with Barlow following his unbelievable shot by clicking here.