A desire to introduce a fun, competitive event for members has resulted in a highly successful maiden event of The Scramble for Chalambar Golf Club in Ararat.

Having grown up in the area and now returned as Director of Golf, PGA Associate Taine Pearse has set about bringing new golfers and new experiences to the club.

An inaugural hosting of The Scramble on April 29 attracted 72 members and visitors and, given the feedback he has received since, Pearse expects it to not only return in 2024 but continue to grow in the years to come.

Although in its 31st year, the lack of a permanent PGA presence made it difficult for Chalambar to get in on the fun. But with Pearse on board, they will now have a team representing Chalambar at the Regional Final in October.

“I really just wanted to bring something new to the area,” Pearse explained.

“There are a lot of other sports in Ararat and golf has kind of been pushed off to the side a little bit.

“The competition isn’t there for younger adults and juniors and they are really attracted to a more fun event rather than the traditional Saturday comp.

“That’s what The Scramble brought. That really interesting, fun environment that they really enjoy.”

Pearse will lead a Chalambar team consisting of Neill McIntosh, Caleb Bretherton, Ben Northeast and Durkin Cutchie in October, the lure a spot at the Championship Final in December.

“Everyone really enjoyed the format and I know the guys who qualified are really excited about the Regional Final,” said Pearse.

“Everybody is really keen to make it an annual event and make it even bigger and better next year.”