In order to be eligible to compete in the Scramble all amateur players must hold an official Golf Australia handicap.

Players with a Golf Australia handicap that has been set to provisional are not eligible to participate in the Scramble.

All handicap limits are based on the official GA Handicap on the day of the event.


Maximum GA Handicap

The maximum GA Handicap for Men and Women is 54.0


Maximum Daily Handicap:

The maximum Daily Handicap is

Men: 36

Women: 45

Any player who has a Daily Handicap above these limits will automatically adjusted to 36 (men) or 45 (women). Daily Handicaps are determined by the tees of the day. In Mixed Events males will be calculated from the Men’s tees and females from the Ladies tees.


Team Handicap Requirements

A maximum of two (2) players with a GA Handicap of 9.9 or less per team

Maximum GA Handicap Team Aggregate: 132.0 (All events)

Minimum GA Handicap Team Aggregate: 32.0 (All events)

Team Handicaps are calculated by adding the Daily Handicap for each team together and then dividing by eight (8).  All Team Handicaps are rounded to two (2) decimal places.


Examples of Team Handicaps

8.7 + 11.1 + 1.4 + 10.2 = 31.4 (ineligible, team Aggregate GA Handicap is below 32.0)

13.5 + 12.7 + 8.3 + 2.4 = 36.9 (eligible)

2.3 + 11.7 +25.3 + 27.2 = 66.5 (eligible)

1.3 + 5.7 + 9.9 + 28.7 = 45.6 (ineligible, team consisting of more than two single figure handicappers)

39.6 + 35.1 + 23.5 + 43.5 = 141.7 (ineligible, team aggregate GA Handicap must not exceed 132.0)


To determine the net score on the day of the Local Event, team members’ GA Handicaps are adjusted as per the Slope Rating of the tees being played from to determine their Daily Handicaps. The aggregate Daily Handicap is divided by 8 to determine the team Daily Handicap. The resulting figure is then subtracted from the team’s score for the Ambrose 18-hole event.

For example:

Team aggregate Daily Handicap of 56 divided by 8 = 7

Team scratch score = 70

Net score = 63  (70 minus 7)

Note: Women are to use the Slope Rating from their respective tees to determine their Daily Handicap

The team’s aggregate GA Handicap (not Daily handicap) established at the Local Event is the base aggregate handicap for the Championship.

Note: Players with a Golf Australia Affiliate Handicap (acquired through the Golf Australia bona-fide bodies) can play in a Scramble with “the approval of the host club.” As per the Golf Australia agreement with the clubs, the club has the right to approve a player with a Golf Australia Affiliate Handicap to play in a competition at the club.